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Tagged With: anchoring

liberty to delaware bay

September 23 – 24, 2012 Prior to hauling up the hook from our Liberty anchorage, Wil and I discussed whether or not to put up the mainsail first.  The channel between the buoys was just wide enough for our boat, and the mainsail might be an interference.  However, the wind was only a slight breeze … Continue reading »

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mixing things up & lessons learned

September 17, 2012 It was a peaceful morning when we hoisted the sail and pulled up the anchor from Westbrook Harbor.  However, there was a major difference to the day.  Wil and I had decided to do a role reversal.  It was time to mix things up a bit. Over the past few months, we … Continue reading »

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jewell island

Jewell Island is exactly that.  A jewel.  Especially for the crew of the Full Monty.  After having been at a marina for 2 weeks, and then a day in Portland, we were craving to be anchored with nature.  Jewell Island was that first bit of nature and the quiet anchorage that we’d been longing for. … Continue reading »

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just off the beach

After getting water and fuel from a local marina last week, we dropped our anchor a bit closer to the beach than where we had been originally.  We were quite surprised when we woke up the next morning to find our stern sitting towards the beach, and we were still floating.  Our depth sounder read 4.2 … Continue reading »

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