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birthday surprises

December 31, 2012 [Now to get back on track with the blog posting] After bidding farewell to Jennifer and Pete, we pulled up anchor and set our course for Black Point and their famous laundry facilities. As we were departing the Staniel Cay area, two local, award-winning regatta boats were preparing to race each other … Continue reading »

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broken hook & swimming pigs

December 17, 2012 We sailed offshore from O’Brien’s Cay to Big Majors Spot in hopes of catching some fish, but we had no such luck. Although, something quite large ended up on the line, only to break the hook in half before getting away. We would have loved to have seen what it was! By … Continue reading »

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sitting high

December 16, 2012 Our last day in the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park was spent anchored at O’Brien’s Cay. As soon as we dropped the anchor, we headed off for another afternoon of snorkeling. We were returning to the boat when we noticed Full Monty sitting slightly high on her port side. We commented … Continue reading »

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lynyard cay to royal island

November 30 – December 1, 2012 At first we thought we were stuck at Lynyard Cay until the strong northeast winds subsided. From our stand point, and through the binoculars, we could see the reef at Little Harbour Cut, and it wasn’t pretty. There were large waves breaking over the reef. Many times, conditions like … Continue reading »

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hesitation or commitment ~ a gulf stream crossing

November 23, 2012 ~Part One ~ One moment of indecision could quite possibly change an entire course. For us, it was a moment of commitment that took us across the treacherous waters of the Gulf Stream, and put us on a direct course for the Bahamas. After a week of studying weather forecasts, the day … Continue reading »

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rounding cape hatteras ~ a sailor’s fear (part two)

October 12 – 14, 2012 ~Part Two~ After our near run-in with the monstrous, orange car carrier freighter, we didn’t relax until we were well away from the Chesapeake Bay shipping lanes.  Once we were sure all was good again, we turned our focus to sail adjustments.  The wind was strengthening to 30 knots, so we … Continue reading »

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rounding cape hatteras ~ a sailor’s fear (part one)

October 12 – 14, 2012 ~Part One~ Even before we departed Annapolis, I studied the offshore weather for our pending passage around Cape Hatteras.  My initial weather studies took place on a Tuesday afternoon, and I told Wil that we could possibly be waking up in Beaufort on Sunday morning.  He laughed at me and … Continue reading »

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cruising past NYC

September 19, 2012 Fourteen years ago, Wil and I had been living on our first boat in Stamford, CT.  It was October 17, 1998, and the day of our 6th wedding anniversary, when we departed Stamford and cruised down the East River past New York City, marveling at the city with her tall, majestic buildings … Continue reading »

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block island to westbrook harbor

September 16, 2012 The next leg of our journey down Long Island Sound required a little bit of pre-planning with respect to tides.  We would be going through The Race, an area where the Atlantic Ocean bottlenecks into Long Island Sound.  When the tide is flowing or ebbing, the current can flow as fast as … Continue reading »

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electronics choices

The time has come to order our new navigational and safety electronics. Since our last cruise 12 years ago, technology has grown and changed tremendously, and today there is a whole host of new electronics on the market.  Even though we have drooled over all of the “nice to haves”,  we still firmly believe in … Continue reading »

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