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living aboard

a new page

June 30, 2017 Your heart skips a beat. The shock grips you physically. You gasp. “This isn’t possible! There’s a new post!” Did I get that right? Was that your reaction? Even if it wasn’t, the fact that you’ve read to this point means that I at least got your attention, which is something that … Continue reading »

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a self portrait

February 13, 2016 Justine has decided it is time to let her voice be heard.  She has painted a picture of herself with words.  Check out Justine’s most recent blog post by clicking here. return to home page Tweet

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huahine to tahiti ~ bad news received

August 28 – September 5, 2014                                 The morning had started out as a beautiful morning.  We finally had a good wind for our departure from Huahine.  Our s/v Liward friends were also taking advantage of the wind for their return to … Continue reading »

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new zealand to french polynesia ~ against the wind

added note:  While this is another one of my lengthy posts, it is more for our own record and memory of the passage.  But hopefully, many of you will enjoy it regardless.  For those of you who prefer a shortened version, most days are titled with some highlights. May 2 – 20, 2014 Day 1:  … Continue reading »

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new zealand ~ a few of our favorite things

April 2014 Feijoa fruit:  Loved by us all, we’d purchase these fruits by the bag full at the Whangarei Grower’s Market. Sultana Bran:  The New Zealand version of Raisin Bran Manuka Honey:  Known for it’s health benefits and really yummy! Marlborough Wines:  While we never got to visit this South Island vineyard, I definitely enjoy … Continue reading »

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tonga ~ odd & end photos

October 1 – November 1, 2013 It’s time to wrap up our visit to the Vava’u Group of Tonga.  There are so many more stories and experiences to write about, but it’s time to move on.  Therefore, here are some odd-and-end photos taken in Vava’u.                           … Continue reading »

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toau to tahiti

July 15 – 17, 2013  A weather window for our passage from the Tuamotus to theSociety Islands was a difficult one to pick.  The winds were either going to be too strong or not enough, and there would be squalls.  If we missed our opportunity to depart from Toau, then we would easily have to … Continue reading »

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ua pou ~ a kid favorite

June 13 – 20, 2013 After an invigorating 26-mile sail from Nuku Hiva to Ua Pou (which only took about three and a half hours), we were surprised by the tiny anchorage tucked in behind a breakwater wall.  There were already plenty of boats in the anchorage. As we rapidly approached, we were still dragging … Continue reading »

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big swell brings clean hulls

May 15, 2013 As excited as we were, our first steps onto the beautiful island of Fatu Hiva were going to be a difficult task and would have to wait.  A large swell was beginning to roll into the anchorage, creating a large breaking wave at the shore.  While the dinghy dock was behind a break … Continue reading »

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old town portobello

February 24 – 26, 2013 Sailing into the bay of Portobello, we could just see the history that surrounds it.  Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, the town of Portobello is home to Fort San Fernando, Fort Triana, and Fort San Jeronimo, all of which can be seen from the water.  Once established, Portobello became … Continue reading »

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